Monday, August 16, 2010

Deadly Mistake.......

Honestly I really have no idea what I learning throughout the years of trading. I’m keep repeating the same mistake over and over again, and I really don’t know when I going to learn for not repeating it again. Discipline…..why is so hard to be a discipline person, just follow only, what is the big deal? Is it due to my own characteristics or I start to put my own prediction on the market direction? No one will ever survive without applying the discipline in their trading, and I keep reminding myself, however, I still failed to do it and I really disappointed with my discipline.

Suppose there is a long signal trigger for both of my cash and fkli chart around 12 noon something. However due to my personal greedy of myself, I told my broker to help me park to long at 1358 because I don’t want to get out at such a high price which around 1362 to 1363. After that I just leave my order like that to make a assumption the order can be done by today. Unfortunately, when my brokers inform me again around 4 pm something, the market already hit 1369. I have to admit for make a very emotion mistake and failed to follow accordingly to my trading plan accordingly with discipline.

At first I carrying a short position at 1354 and the market did went down to 1338 before and now the market rebound from the lowest to highest at1370 on today. In this case, I can’t believe my paper profit suddenly turn to become paper loss in 2 days, and I admit I carry a hope towards my position to wish the market can go back to around 1350 so that I can get out with some tiny profit. Is too bad that market never response to my wish and it just keep going opposite of my direction. Until my both cash and fkli signal turn to long signal, I still waiting….waiting there is a suddenly crash or what so that I can get out my with lesser pain, but market still not listen to me…..

Honestly, I start to doubt on the discipline to follow my signal. Maybe it is time for me to think about a better plan for me to follow my signal exactly. If I keep not doing my part, I know very well the consequences, I will soon kick out by the market…..

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